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TheLandBook.com is the only site to search for Cheap Acres in Virginia and North Carolina. Both states are filled with Cheap Rural Acreage for Sale including tracts such as Small Acreage Farms all the way up to 500+ acres for sale. Whether you are looking for Cheap Land for Sale to build your dream estate, or you are looking for hunting land, timber land, farm land, or land for investment potential, TheLandBook.com is where you can find Cheap Acres for sale to buy. We can match you with private individuals and real estate firms that are selling Large Tracts of Land for sale at amazingly low prices. Get deals like you've never seen before by searching for Land for Sale in NC or Cheap Land for Sale in Virginia.

Both states are filled with rural locations and rolling farm lands that are pristine and in perfect condition. Right now many owners of large tracts of land are looking to sell their Acreage Properties and TheLandBook.com gives you access and the best search potential for VA Land for Sale and North Carolina Land for Sale. You can perform searches based on categories of Cheap Acres including Farm Land for Sale, Ranches for Sale, Waterfront Properties, Timber Land for Sale and Hunting Land for Sale, or you can browse Cheap Land for Sale by its acreage size - featuring Small Acreage Farms that are 11-50 acres or more all the way up to gigantic tracts of Western North Carolina Mountain Acreage and Acreage for Sale Virginia that is more than 500+ acres in size! Imagine buying land that you can use as investment potential for timber use, or your own private escape. The possibilities are endless when you buy Cheap Rural Acreage for Sale in Virginia or North Carolina.

Looking for NC Land for Sale or VA Land for Sale in a certain location? There are Cheap Acres all across both states although certain regions have more listings than others. Currently you can find deals that you cannot turn down on Western North Carolina Land for Sale, Southern Virginia Land for Sale and Central Land for Sale Virginia listings. Both regions are have gorgeous land tracts that feature high rising mountains, low lying river valleys with pristine forests and lovely rolling farm lands. You will not find a more beautiful part of the country and the deals are amazing here! Click to see our Acreage Properties.

Are you a real estate agent, or private citizen looking to sell Acres of Land in North Carolina or Virginia? TheLandBook.com is the premier site that users are clicking to find Cheap Land for Sale in NC and VA. We can give you instant access to people who are seriously looking to buy and match you with potential buyers all across the country. Do not limit yourself by only advertising through the normal routes, TheLandBook.com can give you and your client a better way to promote land tracts for sale for investment, hunting land, farm land for sale and auction. TheLandBook.com was started by real estate professionals that were tired of the normal, average means of online advertising through basic, run of the mill personal and corporate websites, if you want to be seen by users that are searching everywhere, everyday for the kinds of Acreage for Sale that you are listing, we can help you, contact us today!

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, email us, or call us at 828-406-4495.